Why Us?

Whether you are looking for tradeshow giveaways or high-end gifts - Silver Top Promos has the expertise to find that promotional product that suits your brand.  

Such as: useful and innovative ideas for your delegates at your next conference; consider 2 tradeshow giveaways - one for everyone and another one for those who show a marked interest in your company; custom designed tradeshow tablecloths, banners and displays; sales teams memorable ‘leave behinds’; high quality gifts thanking your clients for their business;  and personalized employee keepsakes for their dedication.  

And just know that most of these beautifully branded promotional products can also be personalized for each of your delegates, employees or clients.  

This is why you would use our services.  We ask questions, we listen and then we recommend. 

We service all of North America.  

What Our Customers Are Saying

This is great…thanks so much! I knew you’d be on top of this and get me the quote quickly! I didn’t even have to ask!  

  • ~L.S.~
  • Jun 08, 2019




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